Los Angeles — what a tourist needs to know

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Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant and versatile cities in the world. Also its unspoken achievement is its size — the city is one of the largest cities in the United States. And of course, speaking of Los Angeles, one cannot fail to mention glorious Hollywood — the place that gave the world many films that have already gone down in history.

And it might be worth finding out what other attractions Los Angeles can boast of.

Avenue of Stars

This is the place where newcomers will run to in the first place, because this is one of the most noticeable and catchy attractions of LA. After all, whatever one may say, but the city is simply saturated with cinematography, you cannot find a place that would not be connected with cinema in this city.

Los Angeles - what a tourist needs to know

Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

Here you can find the name of your favorite idol, touch it or just take a picture, which is practiced much more often.

The Aley of Stars was conceived for commercial purposes from the very beginning. After all, what if not the names of your favorite actors with stars? will be able to create such an influx of tourists to the city of cinema?

And the Chamber of Commerce was right, every year about ten thousand tourists come here just to look at the named star. At the moment, there are hundreds of stars that stretch for kilometers, many of which are not even known to many people.

Beverly Hills

The most famous area of ​​Los Angeles, which even has a TV series of the same name. This place is famous first of all for its high cost, and secondly for the abundance of celebrities. Very often here you can meet a strolling tourist hoping to meet a celebrity or find a coveted place from the series.

Beverly Hills

The downtown and surrounding neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles, California

However, this place has another worthwhile advantage in the whole of LA — the cuisine, or rather, many expensive restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine, where it is quite possible to meet some celebrity living nearby. As well as famous boutiques and a huge farmers’ market, where people who prefer natural food flock.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

This theater is located in the center of Los Angeles and thanks to the unusual Chinese architecture for the area, it attracts the eyes of even local citizens, not just tourists. The theater was rebuilt primarily as a respectful tribute to the local Chinese diaspora that has existed here since the city’s inception.

Grauman’s discovery took place back in 1927 and caused a terrible commotion, because many famous stars came to the opening, in front of whom the red carpet was laid, and local residents fought for seats in the front row to see their favorite celebrity up close. It is also worth noting


Cityscape of Hollywood, Florida. Sea, beach, skyscrapers and river during the evening at sunset time. Aerial view and colorful image with streetlights and lights in the buildings.

that this Chinese theater was also built for the most famous people, even now, here, they show new, sensational Hollywood films in the first place, which is why it will not be difficult to meet a star here at the next film premiere, but to approach her, anyway will fail.

Visit this theater not so much because of movie premieres, but because of the beauty of the place itself. Such architecture is difficult to find not only in Las Angeles, but also in the United States itself. And places that are rebuilt in the style of foreign lands are protected like the apple of an eye.

This theater looks in the classical Chinese style, where you can see huge columns over 20 meters, as well as a classic curved canopy in dark color. Inside, copper domes and even fountains flaunt, so on arrival, it would be unforgivable to miss this attraction.

Kodak theater

Los Angeles is a creative city, which in turn implies that there will always be a lot of theaters, cinemas and street performances there. Therefore, it is worth getting to know another theater — a local landmark.

The Kodak Theater is a place that even famous stars are honored to visit. It is here that the celebrated, annual Oscars and other significant celebrity awards are held. The theater is literally imbued with this majestic atmosphere, and its golden color, which decorates the outer part of Kodak, only confirms the above.

The film academy has developed greatly and at some point wished to have its own place where it could hold important events, such as the Oscars. This hall can accommodate more than 3,000 people, in front of which a huge stage is revealed, so large that it is included in the list of one of the largest scenes in the United States and for good reason, because cinema is something untouchable for Hollywood.

Los Angeles is a very diverse city, hundreds of people come here every day in the hope of fulfilling their dreams. And the City of Angels gladly accepts new faces, however, not everyone is successful here, it is worth remembering that Los Angeles is a city of ups and downs that attract curious tourists.

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